Mesas de Cultivo

Invernaderos Euopeos S.L.L.Incoroporates to its large range of products, growing tables, following the main principles of our company: quality and finishing touch.

  • Permanent: with moorings to the floor by screws.
  • Mobiles: with rails in the lower part of the tray which allows its movement in the longitudinal direction of the table. Its aim is to combine a eficient production with a saving of space and energy.

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    Our growing tables have a regulation system in height by a screwed selfadjustable rib, which allows this regulation in a fast and easy way.

    Its design will allow you to use any type of bottom: polystyrene, metal grille, with rectangular form... so between one and other, there is a channel whicho allows the evacuation of the irrigation water. This irrigation can be make by flooding or sprinkling.

    Gutter is placed in the opposite side, not without previously having balanced the table. This gutter has got installed a filter or grille to avoid the obstruction of this one. Also, our tables allow the evacuation of water by rubber tube, metal tube or irrigation tube, depending of the costumer necesities.

    An important aspect of the product, is the posibility of instalation of a heating system, placed between the table and the tray.

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